We have put together a team of expert professionals in their fields to ensure the very best education for our students, and our track record proves their success.


Tharshiny Pankaj

Executive Principal, Regent Independent College and Managing Director, Regent Group
BSc (Hons)

Tharshiny started her career as an ICT & Computing Teacher at a sixth form college. In 2000 she played a large part in the founding of Regent Independent College and was essential in the development of the College into what it has become today. She is also heavily involved in the development of other organisations within Regent Group.

Dr Francis Choi

Head Teacher and Head of Mathematics, Acorn House College
BA (Hons), BEng (Hons), BSc (Hons), MMath, MSc, MSc, PhD

Francis has been at Acorn House College since the College was founded and is a brilliant communicator of Mathematics to groups of students of mixed ability. He regularly produces excellent results in A Level Mathematics and Further Mathematics.


Donovan Mason

Deputy Head Teacher, Acorn House College
BSc (Hons)

Don began his career as a Research and Analytical Chemist, before going on to gain over thirty years of teaching experience. Don draws on this as an examiner for A Level and GCSE Chemistry and as a UCAS and Careers adviser, for the benefit of students throughout the college.