Student writing maths equation on boardMany bright students prematurely rule out applying to Oxford or Cambridge, due to the common myths about the two universities – for example, that they are only for the rich, or for geniuses, or that ordinary students can’t fit in there. The reality is that a bright, well-motivated student can stand as good a chance as anyone of winning a place. What can make a crucial difference is the guidance and support available to help ensure that applicants demonstrate their true potential at every stage.

At Acorn House College, we have an excellent understanding of the Oxbridge admissions process and can give detailed, tailored guidance on every aspect of the application:

  • University choice – what’s the difference between Oxford and Cambridge?
  • Course choice – to satisfy both your academic strengths and interests
  • College choice – to ensure a congenial setting while maximising your chance of a place
  • Personal Statement focus – we know what Admissions Tutors are looking for
  • Mock interview preparation – to help you gain intellectual confidence and practice discussing your ideas with an expert
  • Admissions Test preparation and feedback 

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Early preparation is vital for success, and we aim to start applicants thinking about the process well before the October deadline – ideally having months or even a year to prepare. Our proven approach gives students a chance to think deeply about their chosen subject in an informed and considered way so that they can demonstrate their individuality and teachability at every stage of the process.