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To ensure that each student works in a way that maximises their potential, Acorn House College offers GCSE courses taken over one or two years.

GCSE Options at Acorn House College

  • 2 year GCSE course
  • 1 Year GCSE course (appropriate for students retaking their GCSEs)
  • Full GCSE Retakes
  • Resitting a GCSE exam at the school

Students enrolling in Year 10 normally follow the conventional two years of GCSE study. Our GCSE programme takes pupils through these initial qualifications by operating in a tutorial model focused on getting the best grades. In a few cases, exceptionally able students will be offered accelerated courses to complete GCSEs a year early, but only after careful consideration and discussion with the Head Teacher.

A one-year GCSE course is also available for students wishing to retake their GCSEs and complete their course to a higher standard. If you have completed Year 10 elsewhere but are unhappy with your progress, or have completed your GCSE courses but have not achieved your desired results, the one-year course offers GCSE retakes and the opportunity to complete your full GCSE course to a higher standard.

Enquire about our GCSE courses by filling out the ‘Enquire Now’ form. We will get back to you to answer your questions shortly.