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To apply for an Academic Scholarship, please fill out an application form.

Acorn House College is committed to offering all students the opportunity to receive the support they need to excel in their academic careers should they have the ambition and drive to do so.

A number of Full and Partial Scholarships are available to students who are seeking the benefits of an education at  Acorn House College, but may not otherwise have the financial means to attend the college.

Our scholarship funds are awarded based upon the academic potential of each student, as demonstrated by their academic record, as well as their performance in their interview at the school, and in our Scholarship Test. We award scholarships in all subjects – across maths, science, economics, humanities and the arts. 

To find out more about Scholarship opportunities with the College,  contact us:

Tel: +44 (0)20 8571 9900

Email: info@acornhousecollege.com