Acorn House College runs a number of academic and careers events throughout the year. You can find details of upcoming events below.

Election Hustings at Acorn House College

In the spirit of the times and in preparation for the imminent elections, Years 12 & 13 students at AHC were divided into five groups and allocated one of the following political parties totally randomly:

  • Brexit Party
  • Conservative Party (Hissan & Rohaan)
  • The Green Party (Jade & Ishneel)
  • Labour Party (Glory & Leila)
  • The Liberal-Democrat Party (Vishal & Sean)

The meeting was chaired by Dr Pantea Etessami and took place in front of the staff and students of AHC.

The student mandate was to prepare for a debate and discussion about each party’s manifesto and what they would bring to the nation if elected. Students only had one day to prepare. All members allocated to the Brexit Party resigned one by one from the party and joined various other parties on the list!

The debate was interesting and at times entertaining especially when Hissan, the Tory representative referred to funds available for a particular purpose in terms of dollars rather than pounds, inadvertently confounding the potential link between the party and the US! Jade of the Green Party came across as genuine and along with Ishneel seemed dedicated to the ‘Green Party’ ethos of a cleaner earth. Hissan was in control (most of the time) and with Rohan defended the beliefs of the Conservative Party, Sean & Vishal defended the Lib-Dems well and Glory and Leila, the youngest members, held their own and presented Labour policies very well.

Tommy, our esteemed Economics tutor had some very tricky questions to ask the panel which made the debate much more interesting and exciting.

We were impressed with the students’ resilience and confidence as well as their ability in researching issues thoroughly and presenting ideas clearly and lucidly. We congratulate all participants and wish them continued success.

Election Hustings at Acorn House College Election Hustings at Acorn House College Election Hustings at Acorn House College Election Hustings at Acorn House College

Year 10 students visit Science Museum

Donnavan Mason, Deputy Head Teacher, took a group of Year 10 students to the Science Museum on 28th June 2019. Students made the most of the day by looking at the exhibits, learning new facts and engaging with interactive activities. Many of these related directly to principles studied in the class earlier in the year. The trip was well appreciated by the students and parents.

Year 11 students attend Heathrow Careers Fair

Donnavan Mason, Deputy Head Teacher, took a group of Year 11 students to the Heathrow Careers Fair on Thursday, 28th February 2019. This is a trip that occurs annually over the last few years. Students were able to meet with many Heathrow Airport employers and gather information about their business activities and employment opportunities.

The types of businesses exhibiting was varied and included sectors like:

  • Hospitality
  • Catering
  • Leisure
  • Airlines
  • Engineering
  • Education
  • Border security
  • Tourism

Students were very proactive in talking with business representatives and collecting information according to their interests. The feedback from students was that the experience was very useful and informative.

Gladys and Francis on air on Sunrise Radio

Gladys Watt, Founder and Dr. Francis Choi Principal were live on air on Sunrise Radio on 7th September. In the interview they spoke about the history of the college, the relaunch of the college and the recent takeover by Regent Group, the results the college had achieved and how they have been helping students. Listen to the full interview here.

Relaunch Ceremony of Acorn House College

Relaunch Ceremony of Acorn House College

The relaunch ceremony of Acorn House College, located on Southall High Street, was held on Saturday, 2nd September 2017. The College was founded in 1999 by Gladys Watt following a number of requests from local residents. The ethos of the college from the outset was to provide the finest education in a friendly, yet well-disciplined, environment. All teachers, both at GCSE and A Level, are well qualified and experienced. Ofsted reports rated the teaching and progress of students as outstanding. Mrs Watt was Principal and Head of Physics for sixteen years.

Acorn House College has now extended into new premises and facilities and, as of this summer, is part of Regent Group, a north-west London based education provider offering a complete range of educational services, ranging from childcare to adult education.

The relaunch ceremony, led by Gladys Watt, and Dr. Francis Choi, Principal, welcomed Virendra Sharma MP as the Chief Guest and Dr Rami Ranger CBE and Dr Atul Pathak OBE as Guests of Honour, who gave speeches celebrating the transition along with a number other key staff including Selva Pankaj, CEO Regent Group.

The event was also attended by prominent local councillors as well as other key community members, Regent Group staff, parents, students and alumni of Acorn House College and of course, members of the public. After a photo session, the event culminated in a very welcome banquet of refreshments. 

Live feed on Sunrise Radio from the Acorn House College relaunch ceremony

We were live on Sunrise Radio from the Acorn House College relaunch ceremony on 2nd September. Chief Guest, Virendra Sharma MP, Guests of Honour Dr Rami Ranger CBE and Dr Atul Pathak OBE, Founder of Acorn House College Gladys Watt, Principal of Acorn House College, Dr. Francis Choi and COO Regent Group, Peter Holliday were on air. Listen to the full interview here.

Lab 8: The Unveiling

Finally, after planning, building, and constructing, Lab 8, our expansive renovation project, will be ready to open in the new term. 

The new facilities will provide the school with six brand new classrooms, genius bars with state-of-the-art IT facilities and inspiring learning spaces for students and staff.

We can’t wait to welcome students and parents through the doors in the new year.

26th November & 2nd December, 2015: Parents’ Evening

This term, Parents’ Evening has been organised on the 26th November, 2015 for Yrs 9,10,11 and 12, and on the 2nd December 2015 for Yrs 13 & 14. 

This is a brilliant time to discuss children’s progress at school and find solutions to push those academic results. The students will learn their strengths and weaknesses in individual subjects. More generally, we will also discuss their level of inter-curricular skills and competencies.

We strongly recommend that all parents attend.

June 16th, 2015: UCAS Evening

This year’s UCAS Evening is primarily aimed at parents of students in Year 12, but parents and students in Year 11 will also be invited. 

Supported by Oxbridge Applications, an international consultancy that specialises in applications to Oxford, Cambridge, Medical and Law schools, Co-Principal John Wilson will be holding a seminar on the university application process and how students can prepare effectively in order to put forward the best possible application. Mr. Wilson has particular expertise in preparing students for Science and Medical Science degree programmes, stemming from his time in undergraduate Medical Science admissions for Imperial College London and University College London

In making the transition from secondary to tertiary education, students have a number of difficult decisions to make. This seminar focuses on how to make informed and fulfilling choices about which courses and universities to apply to, what the application processes involve and how best students can prepare to make a strong application.