The focus of Acorn House College is academic. Students are encouraged to work hard for success, and our teaching approach helps to ensure they can maximise their potential. 

Small class sizes

With classes only exceptionally exceeding ten students, pupils are able to benefit from individual attention, which creates a greater understanding of the material. We allocate a generous amount of teaching time per subject. 

Personal tutors

Every week, each pupil will meet with their Personal Tutor, who acts as their guide, counselor and motivator. A Personal Tutor will also act as a liaison between students, parents, and other tutors.

A culture of achievement

We believe that high expectations lead to excellent exam results. Supervised classwork includes formal exams every half term; we also use past exam questions to provide a focus for tuition. This preparation means that students can approach exams in a relaxed and confident manner. Coupled with experienced teachers and an academic approach, our results are impressive. Based on published league tables, Acorn House College is one of the leading Sixth Form colleges in London.

Dedicated study time

Students are expected to work between lessons in one of our tutorial rooms or in the library – both of which are supervised by academic staff. While we operate with an open and friendly environment, high standards of discipline operate in the College. We expect students to adhere to the rules, which enables them to focus on their academic courses.

Regular communication with families

We operate a partnership with our supportive families. With small class sizes, tutors are able to deal with the needs of each pupil and provide parents with regular feedback. We have an open door policy, whereby parents can discuss any matter with a teacher at any time, in addition to the two Parents’ Evenings per annum.