Acorn House College has a long history of developing students to gain admission to Medical and Dentistry schools, together with other competitive Science- or Maths-based degrees.

For students considering becoming a dentist or who would like to know more about how to become a doctor, our Medical Sciences Programme gives students a chance to think deeply about their chosen subject in an informed and considered way, so that they can demonstrate their full potential, individuality, and teachability at every stage of the process. 

Applying to study Medicine is unlike any applying for any other degree course. Admission choices are not only based on evidence of the sheer academic ability of each applicant, but also on how suited to the realities of the medical profession they are, amongst other additional factors. In order to be successful, applicants may need a significant level of support and guidance. Acorn House College has the experience and the proven track record in medical admissions to be able to offer this.


Features of our Medical Programme include:

  • NAT_8498Guiding students to answer questions such as ‘What grades do I need for Optometry?’ or ‘What A Levels do I need to take Medicine or Pharmacology?’
  • How to pick the right university for you, and maximise your chances of a place
  • Strengths of the lecture- and problem-learning-based approaches of different medical schools
  • Advice on crucial supporting elements for an application, e.g. medical experience and MedLink / MedSim workshops
  • Guidance on extra study that will support a medical application
  • Advice on how to keep up to date with the latest news in Medicine
  • Expert guidance on what medical school Admissions Tutors are looking for in a Personal Statement
  • How to handle retakes when applying for medical school
  • Mock interviews and feedback
  • Preparation for BMAT and UKCAT tests
  • Detailed support on each stage of the application – including how to deal with offers

We do not just ‘train’ or ‘coach’ our students – we help you develop your thinking as you approach the interview scenario, and give you the opportunity to practice discussing your ideas. This approach builds on your academic strengths and addresses any areas for improvement.

Acorn House College pupils will be able to spend time working in tandem with our specialist consultants to ensure they demonstrate their true potential at every stage.