It is never too early to think about university. The earlier you begin, the greater the chance of success. Admission to top universities requires clear achievement at GCSE level, and for certain paths such as Medicine, pupils may need to start thinking about their experience, A Level choices, and application even earlier.

There is also fierce competition for places on top courses at the leading universities. The increasing number of students means that admissions are becoming more complex, as universities use different methods to try and separate the exceptional candidates from those who are ‘merely excellent’. These universities want applicants who are genuinely motivated and inspired by their subject; who can think independently and flexibly; and who have high academic potential, regardless of their background.

A key factor in success is the quality of support and guidance available as pupils approach this stage. Acorn House College has a long track record of developing students for admission to Medicine, Dentistry, Optometry, Biochemistry, Pharmacy, and Engineering programmes, and other competitive science- or maths-based degrees at leading universities.

University Admissions Advice: Articles from Acorn House College

Tips for Revision in Science GCSE and A Levels

There are some important tests you have to take throughout your education that can determine the outcome of your professional future—or at least have a significant impact on it. The GSCE and A Levels for science are no exception to this rule, and if you want to succeed on these difficult exams, then it is of great importance that you dedicate a lot of your time to both studying and revision. 

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Top Universities in UK for Biological Sciences

Many people find it interesting to study the natural world that we live in, which is why it is no wonder that so many universities offer courses in the field of biological science. However, not all schools are created equal, so when choosing the university that is going to best prepare you for your future, you really can never be too picky. Here are some of the best universities in the UK you should consider looking into.

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Tailoring Your GCSE Years for Your Career as a Doctor

Becoming a doctor requires a lot of hard work and dedication. Whether you want to be a general practitioner or practice a specific type of medicine, you are going to need to be passionate and hardworking if you hope to find success in a career as a doctor. For those currently entrenched in their GCSE years who wish to become a doctor in the future, here is what you need to know.

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How to Look for Scholarships in the Sciences

Getting a good education can often be an expensive venture, and attending university takes time out of a student’s schedule, preventing them from getting a job to pay for their tuition or daily expenses. This is where scholarships come in handy. But the difficult part is obtaining scholarships in the first place. Here’s everything you need to know about looking for a scholarship when it comes to fields relating to science.

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Why the Sciences are a Great Field for Young People

It is imperative that today’s generation of young people are thinking about what type of field they want to go into after their education. Here are some of the reasons that many young people in the UK today are considering a career in the sciences—or if they’re not, why they should be: 

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Bad GCSE or A Levels Results – What Now?

For many pupils across the country, they spend hours revising to prepare for their exams and wait anxiously for their results. It can be disheartening  to find out that your results aren’t quite what you were hoping for, or aren’t up to par with the requirements of the college or career you were hoping to get into. Here are the many ways to shine a ray of hope for your future career and education prospects:

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The Benefits of a One-Year Intensive A Level Course

There are multiple reasons and benefits to students that are interested in a one-year intensive A Level course. Regardless of your reason, it may be worth your while to consider this option for numerous purposes. Continue reading to see both the benefits and reasons a one-year intensive A Level course may be right for you.

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5 Important Reasons to Consider Going to Open Days or Evenings

Attending an open day or an evening visit can crush doubts you may be having about the university you’re considering to attend. Even more, it can also assist in eliminating universities that actually aren’t suited for you,  helping you make a final choice. We have compiled five reasons why it is pivotal students participate in their prospective universities’ open days. 

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