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Exam results can have a significant impact on a student’s academic future, and yet not all students are able to demonstrate what they’re truly capable of first time round. The A Level or GCSE retake courses are specifically designed to give students the confidence and personal attention required to enable them to reach their full potential in exams. 


GCSE Retakes

Our GCSE Retake programmes offer students who have been disappointed by their results the chance to sit as many GCSEs as they need to again, with the time to address specific areas of difficulty in full with our highly-experienced teachers.

Alternatively, students can elect to take our One-Year GCSE course which is a fast-track option.

A Level Retakes

Students seeking to boost their A Level results, either in preparation for their university applications, or to prepare for life beyond school, can study the two years of the A Level course at Acorn House College over a further two years or our One-Year Fast-Track intensive A Level Course. We encourage students to discuss their options with us directly.

If you are considering retaking your GCSEs or A Levels, our experienced staff can help guide you on which retake course would suit you most.

Retake options at Acorn House College

Students wanting to retake (or resit) A Levels or GCSE exams in West London have  a number of options at Acorn House College:

  • Retaking the required  course at the college, over the full two-year period
  • Taking our One-Year course in which an A Level or GCSE can be completed over the course of just one year
  • Resitting the exam with the college as an external candidate

If you would like guidance on which GCSE or A Level retake course would suit you best, please contact the College by filling in the ‘Enquire Now’ form.