Computing is arguably one of the most important and significant disciplines available at A Level.  Computing is now compulsory in primary schools and the introduction of coding initiatives by the government for children of all ages demonstrates the importance of the subject.  

Computing is distinct and quite different from ICT (or IT) in that it is the study of how computers and computer systems work. Students will learn a quite sophisticated coding language to be able to develop their own programs. ICT, on the other hand, is the study of the use of computers and software although increasingly there are elements of computing even in the ICT syllabuses.  

Students of Computing should be good mathematicians and through studying Computing they will learn to apply their understanding of logic and of mathematics.  The skills developed on the A Level course are valuable to anyone preparing for life in the modern world, but of course are particularly useful to candidates with a plan to pursue a career in one of the rapidly growing and changing computing industries.