Art is far more than simply learning how to paint and draw.  Art students develop their creative and artistic imaginations and begin to observe and consider life from different perspectives.  Art allows students a freedom of expression and interpretation not found in other academic subjects and develops important transferable skills.  There is also a significant Art History component of the A Level that encourages students to think about artwork in its historical context and to understand how society and circumstances have changed and dictated different artistic styles.

Art is closely related to the sciences and good scientists are often also good artists, Leonardo Da Vinci being a great example of this!  Increasingly universities are searching for students who can demonstrate a breadth as well as a depth of knowledge and understanding.  For this reason, science applicants who also study Art may have an advantage over some of their contemporaries.  Acorn House College has an annual exhibition of students’ art work which gives students the opportunity to curate their own work and discuss their pieces with visitors.