It is imperative that today’s generation of young people are thinking about what type of field they want to go into after their education. Once a person has decided the kind of career they want to pursue, they can begin catering their education, time, and effort in that direction to give themselves the best chance of success when the time comes.

Presently, those who go into the sciences are given a lot of great opportunities to take advantage of. Not only does such a field give individuals the potential to further their knowledge of humanity, but an education in the field of the sciences provides them with irreplaceable skills in the workplace and everyday life. Here are some of the reasons that many young people in the UK today are considering a career in the sciences—or if they’re not, why they should be:

It pays off: Jobs dealing with the sciences require education and skill. Not everyone is cut out to work in the sciences and not everybody can. Those committed to the hard work are going to find that it quickly pays off, quite literally.  Jobs in the sciences are typically high-paying and usually have the potential for individuals to work their way up the ladder to a higher position with time.

Variety in job opportunities: With job availability on the market for aspiring technicians, statisticians, physicians, and everything in between, those who want to go into the sciences are not locked down into a single career choice. If a student were to choose a career path and gear their education towards it, but later come to decide it is not their ideal future career, their skills are usually transferable while they are still in school. This type freedom usually means students should not run into too much trouble when re-planning their career objectives.  

Your pick of the ideal workplace: Nearly half of firms in search of STEM talent are finding themselves unable to find applicants who meet the required qualifications. This means that the opportunities to get a job are in no shortage. Those looking for a job in the sciences will find themselves entering a market full of high paying jobs without a lot of competition. This allows them the opportunity to pick and choose the best place for them to work. Of course, you are going to have to make sure you have fine-tuned all of your skill-sets, but you can be certain that you have selected a field that is going to give you more mobility compared to others.

Pursuing a career in the sciences requires hard work and dedication. The education standards are often rigorous, and the workplace can be as well; however, the work is rewarding in countless ways. Young people who turn to the sciences for career prospects will find themselves with a lot of jobs to choose from once they meet the required qualifications, many varied job opportunities open to them, and working a job with a high paying salary. As a young person, what more could you ask for when getting your career started?