Many people find it interesting to study the natural world that we live in, which is why it is no wonder that so many universities offer courses in the field of biological science. However, not all schools are created equal, so when choosing the university that is going to best prepare you for your future, you really can never be too picky. For those interested in going into the field of biological sciences, here are some of the best universities in the UK you should consider looking into.

  • University of Sussex: This school is a great choice for those looking for an ideal school at which to study biological science. With graduate prospects and student satisfaction results ranking much higher than the majority of competing universities offering courses in biological science, this is a first choice school of many students in the UK.
  • University of Bath: This prestigious university has ranked among the top 10 universities for biological science for 8 out of the past 10 years. This university not only prepares students for their career in the field of biological science, but also offers an optional placement year for students, where they can get incredible experience in bioscience research, management, and administration.
  • University of Surrey: This UK university offers outstanding courses in biological sciences, resulting in their incredible score in Research Quality. This has landed them a spot among the top universities for biological sciences, as their score exceeds those of most other UK universities.
  • University of Edinburgh: This is a university with fantastic scores, both in Entry Standards and Student Satisfaction. With a 3.44 Research Quality score, second best in the UK, it is definitely a university anyone looking to study biological studies should consider attending.
  • Durham University: This school’s School of Biological and Biomedical Sciences offers a diverse and thorough look at the biological sciences. With courses covering everything from macroscopic to microscopic, global ecosystems to cells and everything in between, it is an ideal school for any biological sciences student.
  • Imperial College London: With an excellent reputation when it comes to science education, which of course applies to its biological science program, the Imperial College London has ranked third in the UK. There are over 30 undergraduate courses for students to choose from who are part of the Department of Life Sciences. This school also boasts an impressive Graduate Prospects score, which is at a whopping 79%.
  • University of Cambridge: This prestigious university leads in a number of subjects, and the biological sciences are certainly no exception. The University of Cambridge is one of the best schools in the UK for students to study Biological or Physical Sciences. With a Graduate Prospects score as high as 87%, any student who is permitted admittance to the University of Cambridge would be wise not to pass up the opportunity to get their education from a school with such a high success rate.