There are multiple reasons and benefits to students that are interested in a one-year intensive A Level course. Regardless of your reason, it may be worth your while to consider this option for numerous purposes. Continue reading to see both the benefits and reasons a one-year intensive A Level course may be right for you.

It is ideal for retaking courses.
The one-year Intensive A Level retake course is a great option for pupils that may have previously completed (or partially completed) their AS or A Levels somewhere else, but did not receive their desired results. There are multiple courses that are typically offered, so students that have barely missed the mark regain the opportunity to redeem themselves and get the score they need to move onto university.

It is also ideal for International students.
International students typically complete high school or an equivalent in their home country. But when they come to the UK to study, they must have completed their A Levels before applying to university. A one-year intensive course is a great option for them because of the way the course is structured and the quick timetable for completion.

There are typically smaller classrooms sizes.
One-year A Level students are able to complete their A Level syllabus in a single year because of smaller class sizes. On average, there are significantly fewer students in a classroom for these courses, proving to be beneficial for each pupil. These small class sizes are proven to allow students better opportunities for engagement and communication. Further, they truly allow teachers to give much more attention to students while in the classroom.

It gives students consistency and confidence of learning.
The majority of intensive one-year A Level courses supply a unique approach to learning because they run two sets of classes in parallel with one another. One class is for the first year’s work and the second class is for the second year’s work. Each student is timetabled for these classes for every subject they’re wanting to take. Typically, the second year’s work is prioritised because the content is more difficult. Ultimately, when the course finishes within the year, students typically feel more confident because the extra attention and teaching time spent with them.

It supplies special and individual attention.
For colleges that run a one-year intensive course, they are able to offer special attention to students that they may not have previously received. Many colleges also offer personal tutors for students that they can meet throughout the first term and a UCAS tutor who will provide support for their university applications. For institutions that offer this, tutors can play a pivotal role in the year-long course and beyond, because they become the student’s advocate through every step of the process.


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