Attending an open day or an evening visit can crush doubts you may be having about the university you’re considering to attend. Even more, attending open days and evening visits can also assist in eliminating universities that actually aren’t suited for you, ultimately shrinking your list and helping you make a final choice. There are many compelling reasons why a student should consider going to open days or evening schools visits. We have compiled five reasons why it is pivotal students participate in their prospective universities’ open days or evening visits.

1. You could meet your potential lectures.

To understand what your coursework is going to entail, there is no better source than the lecturers themselves. Another advantage speaking directly with tutors is that you can try and get a sense of their approach to teaching and whether they could be someone that inspires you to investigate and learn. Sometimes the teacher can be just as important as the content being caught.

2. You could meet potential people from your programme that day.

The people around you at open days are interested in going to the same university as you, they may even want to do the same subject. You may find you get along with them and end up friends before you’ve even arrived at the dorms. If nothing else, it’ll make fresher’s week a little less daunting knowing there will be someone else there that can share in the new experiences. 

3. You could learn more about modules.

Attending the open day will provide more insight into this, allowing you to determine which will be the better option for you. It is advised that you ask specific questions about the content of the course. You may be pleasantly surprised to learn your number four choice on your list has a better course structure than your number two choice.  It’s important to understand how and what you’ll actually learn at the universities you’re interested in so you can pick the one that both interests you and suits your way of learning.

4. You’ll be able to check out the facilities.

Sure, you may not be too fussed about the university facilities now, but you should never underestimate the importance of a great library, lovely campus accommodation, and good spots to relax with friends in and around the campus. Fresher’s is great for the first two weeks, but then what?  Open days or evening visits allow you to look around the campus and gauge exactly how much the university invests in its students, campus, and community as a whole. What’s the scenery like? What is the town your university is in like? Wander around and get a sense of your surroundings, and try to visualise yourself learning there.

5. You can discover more from students than from any other platform.

The great thing about open days or evening visits is you’ll not only get to meet the staff but also the current students too. This has the opportunity to provide you with a more authentic feel for how the university impacts both the local and academic community. Take advantage of asking fellow students about their personal experiences living in the community, their classes and program, the lecturers, and whether they are happy with their decision to attend that particular university.