We run a one-year fast-track GCSE programme designed to intensify students’ preparation or give them other options for continuing their studies by undergoing GCSE retakes.

GCSE Options at Acorn House College

  • Full 2-3 year GCSE course
  • One-Year Fast-Track GCSE course (appropriate for students retaking their GCSEs)
  • Full GCSE Retakes
  • Resitting a GCSE exam at the school


GCSE – One-Year Fast-Track Course.

Our One-Year Fast-Track GCSE course is a good option for students who are concerned about their progress on their GCSE course – or students who have taken GCSEs before and have not achieved their desired grades.

The programme offers an intensive, focused approach to GCSE study. You may take as many subjects as required and the course allows for retaking GCSE exams.

The admissions process is the same as for our other courses. You can find out more about how to apply for our one-year intensive GCSE course here.