As Principal of Acorn House, I’d like to share with you a few of the reasons I am so proud of our College, my colleagues, and our students.

The College’s record speaks for itself: for many years, Acorn House has demonstrated its quality through terrific examination results, remaining near the top of the league tables. We have guided many home and international students into leading universities, studying challenging subjects such as Medicine, Law, and many others.

We are also adept in working closely with students who previously may not have been in a position to fulfil their academic potential and are now looking to achieve academic success as they approach a crucial time in their lives.  

Our ethos is simple and underpins everything we do at Acorn House.  It can be summarised in a simple statement: Your future is more important than your past.  

An education at Acorn House does not only mean outstanding teaching but also experts providing market-leading university application preparation and a first-class all-round experience.  We encourage our students to take ownership of and responsibility for their own learning and to value their education and the opportunities it can create.

Our culture as a College is focused on preparing for success, which means that our students are disciplined, respectful, and mature: only in such an atmosphere everyone can give their best.

Under the ownership of Dukes Education, the College continues to build on its success and develops this reputation further.  We have recently invested heavily in our premises and proudly opened our new learning space, Lab8, in April 2016. We believe the new classrooms, science lab, and study area are unrivalled and provide a unique and inspiring environment for teaching and learning.  

In addition to the fabric of the buildings, our partnership with other organisations within the Dukes Education group also affords us the opportunity to share expertise from a number of world-leading academic consultancies. This allows Acorn House students to benefit, not only from our own team of experienced university advisors, but also to draw on expertise of industry-leading specialists with expertise in supporting university applications in subjects including medical sciences, law, engineering, and economics. 

I hope that you will find the information in these pages will help you make the best choice for your child’s future.

John Wilson
Principal of Acorn House College