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Retake options at Acorn College

Students wanting to retake A Levels or GCSE exams in West London have  a number of options at Acorn House:

  • Full two-year retake with the College
  • One-Year Fast-Track course with the College
  • Resitting the exam at the College as an external candidate

Acorn House College offers external candidates the opportunity to sit their GCSE, IGCSE,  A Level or university entrance exams at our highly-accessible West London College in Southall. We have many years of experience as an examination centre for private candidates. Examinations take place in our main college building and we never ask candidates to sit examinations on different sites or at premises away from the College.

A Levels

Acorn House College accepts private candidates for A Level examinations from the following examination boards:



For students wishing to sit or resit their GCSEs, Acorn House College offers some GCSE and IGCSE exams from the following examination boards:

University Entrance Exams 

Students wishing to sit  their university entrance exams such as the BMAT,  UKCAT, LNAT can now do it easily at  Acorn House College before the 2nd November exams. Please get in touch with the college directly to find out more. 


  • GCSE Retake: £150
  • Per Legacy A Level Unit (i.e. AS/A2) £90, Arabic £150
  • New Specification A Level Subject £150 (AS Level) /£300 ( A Level) 
  • Practical Exams: £425 per paper
  • University Entrance Exams 
    • £250 each for standard entry (until 1st October)
    • £350 for late entry (1st -15th October) 

Registering with us as an external candidate

We appreciate that taking examinations, especially in an unfamiliar setting, can be very stressful and so we will do everything we can to ensure that the process is hassle-free and that candidates are made to feel welcome and relaxed when they come to us.  Even our largest exam rooms are small compared to most centres and we will rarely accommodate more than twenty-five students per exam room.

To avoid additional stresses during the lead up to exams, we aim to make the process as simple as possible for any external candidate wishing to take an exam with Acorn House. If you would like to sit an exam with us, simply contact us to provide some very basic personal details, with your UCI number, and we will handle the registration process for you.

Tel: +44 (0)20 8571 9900

Email: Contact Us 


our location


Acorn House College is a top London sixth form college. The college is ideally situated on the High Street in Southall, a vibrant and cosmopolitan West London centre.

Southall is well connected to the rest of London and the surrounding area, with frequent and rapid public transport links to Ealing, Greenford, Harrow, Hounslow, Uxbridge and beyond.

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