We run an intensive one-year A Level programme in Southall, London, designed to intensify students’ preparation or give them other options for continuing their studies, if they wish to study for A Level Retakes. 

A Level Options at Acorn House College

  • Full 2 year A Level course
  • One-Year Fast-Track A Level course (appropriate for students retaking A Levels)
  • Full A Level Retakes
  • Resitting an A Level exam at the school


A Level – One-Year Fast-Track course.

Our One-Year Fast-Track A Level course runs from September to June and offers an intensive approach to the student’s chosen subject. This one-year focused approach can be useful for those who have studied AS Levels or A Levels elsewhere but may not have achieved their desired grade and wish to retake their A Levels.

The admissions process is the same as for our other courses. You can find out more about how to apply for our one-year intensive A Level course here.

For a full list of the A Level subjects Acorn House College offers, click here.