Dr. Francis Choi

Acorn House College was established in 1999 with a unique focus to provide academic success and achievement for all our students.

We hope this prospectus gives you a flavour of what we believe in and what we do. We want you to use this document and our website as an introduction to the next stage in your child’s learning and progression. In addition, we wish to invite you to visit the college at a time convenient to yourselves to meet us and look at what we do. We share your determination to want the best for the future of your child and have tried to make this very clear in the different sections of this prospectus.

We are very proud of the positive ethos and culture of success we are creating here at Acorn House College and we hope this website gives you a sense of our determination to be successful on behalf of your son or daughter.

Over the last 18 years, we have supported many of our students to gain entry to study at top universities. Our teachers are qualified and experienced and provide a traditional education to all groups of students regardless their initial academic backgrounds. In addition to our provision of quality teaching, we also explore their personal potentials by providing a caring pastoral environment, offering individual advice and support to your child during their time at the College and often beyond.

In recent years significant investment has been made in the College’s facilities, resulting in a number of new classrooms and laboratories being built in the new building extension, thus providing new and modernised environment for learning. The students have thrived in this new learning environment.

In providing the best education we can for your son/daughter we are conscious of the sacrifice you are making to send your child to the College. We share this commitment and will, through our joint efforts, gain the very best outcome for your child. We operate an open and transparent culture where you are welcome to discuss your child’s learning and progress, as we believe this will help us to achieve our mission and the best outcomes for your child.

We hope your child will enjoy their time at Acorn House College, whilst working hard, benefitting from our purposeful and disciplined environment, access to good resources and therefore becoming self-confident, independent learners. They gain our ethos of success and it is always a proud moment when we meet former students and share and celebrate their career accomplishments.

We promote tolerance and diversity, actively promoting our motto: ‘The end of education is character’ as well as promoting our tradition of academic rigour.

Myself and my team are strongly committed to provide a first-class education to all our students. We will continue to strive to have many more successes and we recognise that your amazing parental support contributes greatly to that success.

Dr. Francis Choi
Head Teacher
BA (Hons), BEng (Hons), BSc (Hons), MMath, MSc, MSc, PhD